Disk Optimise

Hi everyone and welcome to the Disk Optimise home page.

You can check out the application page on SourceForge.net here.


Disk Optimise is an application that helps optimize or partially optimize file allocation to a disk. The application allows the user to choose from four different optimization strategies and recommends which to use based on the number of files the user wishes to optimize. The picture of the tree above symbolically represents the complete type of optimization which essentially finds every possible combination before filtering or removing combinations that do not meet a pre-defined criteria.

The application essentially saves time when trying to copy many files to disks. Thus this current version of the application allows copying to 700 MB and 4.7 GB disks.


This application is made to run on Windows systems only. Future development into a cross-platform application will be looked at in the future.

The application as well as source code can be downloaded here.

The application is written in C# thus the Microsoft .NET Framework V2.0 is required to run the program and can be downloaded here.